Vegan Jackfruit Recipes

I have recently come across using jackfruit in my vegan dishes and I freaking love it! I had only tried jackfruit once before in Tanzania and would never in my wildest dreams have thought “Oh this would be great on top of nachos!” But oh my god, it is good.

When cooked, jackfruit has got a very meaty texture, a lot like pulled pork. It falls apart and the fibres of the jackfruit are quit stringy, yet tender and juicy and just yummmm.

I am addicted to trying vegan jackfruit recipes at the moment – I seriously can’t get enough! I know that it is a kind of obscure concept and a bit strange, but trust me on this one!

You can buy jackfruit in cans at your grocery store, and it is quite an affordable ingredient.

Here are my favourite vegan jackfruit recipes

1. These pulled jackfruit tacos from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen

2. Vegan Potato Jackfruit Stew from Veggie Society

Veggie Society

3. Vegan Bao Buns with Pulled Jackfruit by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen

4. Vegan Nachos With Barbecue Jackfruit from Dora’s Daily Dish

Dora’s Daily Dish

5. Pulled Jackfruit Bowls by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen

6. Vegan Butter Chicken by What She Ate

What She Ate

7. Vegan Pot Pie (GF) by Earth Of Maria

Earth Of Maria

8. Pulled Jackfruit

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

9. Vegan Jackfruit Burritos

Discover Delicious

10. Vegan Jackfruit Crab Cakes


11. Vegan Gyros

Lazy Cat Kitchen

12. Vegan Sticky Chinese Jackfruit

What She Ate

13. Chicken Fried Jackfruit

I Can You Can Vegan

14. Nepalese Inspired Jackfruit Curry

Vegan Jackfruit Curry Recipe

14. Vegan Jackfruit Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

One Green Planet

15. Jamaican Jerk Wraps

Vegan Jackfruit Recipes

How good do all of these jackfruit recipes look!

I am literally drooling over this! Tonight, I am making my Nepalese “chicken” jackfruit curry. Making the chicken version for my husband is just absolute clockwork for me, seeing as the only meals he likes are either chicken or lamb curries! I used to love the chicken curry when I ate meat, so having a vegan version is the best thing ever!

What is your favourite vegan jackfruit recipe?