Post Partum Weightloss Series: Week 1- Happy Food

Okay so it’s been six months since River was born and I’m ready to start feeling a bit better about my body again.

I thought that breastfeeding would shift most of my pregnancy weight, but six months down the track and I’m actually bigger than I was one month post partum wtf. I haven’t weighed myself but that’s purely because I’m not ready to. I use the super scientific method of seeing how much my tummy overhangs the side of my hips when I sit down to pee. The hypothesis is that I’m pretty fat.

I am like a one extreme or the other type of girl. I’ve gotta be all or nothing so I’m going to go in all guns blazing. I’m no good at “balance” (whatever that is) so I’m going to just cut out all of what I like to call “low vibration food”.

This is a theory I came up with when I was a big stoner and wanted my body to be all shiny and happy, and well I guess it worked because somewhere along the line I lost like 30kgs before I got pregnant with River. So here’s how my high vibes food diet goes.

  • I can only put food in my body that has a high vibration aka happy foods
  • Happy foods are food that is closest to the sun.
  • Processed foods are furthest from the sun.
  • Meat is dead so its not a very high vibe food obviously.. But it is closer to the sun than fully processed foods like biccies and chips etc because animals eat grass and grass is like super good vibrations.
  • Offal is a big no-no though because even though it’s rich in minerals it’s also rich in bad vibration and all of the toxins and negative energy from the animals’ body.
  • Leafy grans are really the highest vibration because they are literally alive in the ground dancing in the sun.

So, my theory goes that when you eat high vibe foods it goes in your tummy and you are healthy and happy and your body is working in harmony with the universe and it’s natural flow. Your gut is one of the most important parts of your body in terms of your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. So the sun, which is the source of life and energy for the entire solar system, holds so much power and good energy so you want all that energy to still be in your food when you eat.

Does that sound right? Maybe I sound stoned but I’m not lol just sleep deprived because my baby isn’t feeling well so we’ve been up and down cuddling all night.

So I’m not going to take a before picture of me in my undies and bra or anything because well, my mirrors are all grubby and I need to do laundry so I’ve got no clean undies or bras to put on. Instead, here’s a picture of me just looking my glorious chubby self from a week or so ago. I would love to show you guys the full extent of my baby bod but you’ll have to wait for my week 2 update. I’ll do a full shot!

I would love to hear about your healthy eating tips and if you have any good recipes I would love to take a look!

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