I think most of you would have noticed by now the presence of #metoo on your social media newsfeed.

#MeToo is a movement of men and women standing together in solidarity to speak up about being victimised by sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is something that some men and most women will experience in some form in their life and this breaks my heart. The saddest part? The majority of us who have to go through that shit feel guilt or shame or embarrassed. Somehow we blame ourselves.

….But I didn’t scream or yell no

…But we were on a date

…But I was flirting with him

…But he thought I liked him

…But I have been texting him.


Enough is enough.

At the age of 24 I have been a victim of sexual assault multiple times. I used to think that because I was a very sexually liberated young woman that I must have been asking for it… That how could I prove that I didn’t want to have sex with them when I had had sex with so many others.

I felt so dirty for “letting” men have sex with me.

I felt like a slut.

They told me I was a slut so why shouldn’t I have sex with them.

I don’t want to go into details about each time I was sexually assaulted but I’m also not going to keep silent about it anymore. I have carried so much shame and embarrassment about those days and nights. But I shouldn’t.

Now that I have a daughter I want to send a strong message that sexual assault or abuse of any kind is never acceptable. There are no excuses. If a man or woman is trying to use power or manipulation of any kind to get you to do any thing you don’t 100% want to do, that is sexual abuse.

If you feel like you’re not sure whether you just got sexually assaulted or not- you did. There shouldn’t be a question or a grey area. Any thing less than consent is, well not consent.

We don’t owe our bodies to anyone.

We don’t owe anything to anyone.


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