47 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Rainy days can be cause for major cases of cabin fever, especially during the school holidays! It’s easy to find your self switching on the cartoons or devices to entertain the kids when you are all stuck indoors, but I’ve put together a list of 40 fun activities to do with the kids on a rainy day. Even better, set them up for independent play and you can sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet while the kids are kept busy with these activities!

Indoor Fort- Rainy Day Activities for Kids
Source: Flickr
    1. Make and indoor fort
    2. Make playdough (Click for recipe)
    3. Visit library
    4. Paint pebbles
    5. Scavenger hunt
    6. Make up own language
    7. Make natural facials and have a pamper session
    8. Make a movie
    9. Write a song
    10. Perform a concert
    11. Make an obstacle course
    12. Make masks
    13. Write and perform a play
    14. Learn to knit
    15. Bake cookies
    16. Decorate cookies
    17. Make an activity dice
    18. Camp inside
    19. Make a popsicle stick Moana raft
    20. Play with legoplaying with lego-kids activities
    21. Paint nails
    22. Paint faces
    23. Dance in the rain
    24. Tie-dye a shirt
    25. Make mud cakes and play in mud
    26. Take picturesrainy day activities
    27. Make beaded jewellery
    28. Pipe cleaner crafts
    29. Have a dance partydancing child-kids activities
    30. Make a flippy book
    31. Make a volcano science experiment
    32. Do some colouringchild colouring-kids activities
    33. Make a music video
    34. Play balloon volleyball
    35. Make pizzas
    36. Make sock puppets
    37. Dress ups
    38. Have a tea party
    39. Learn origami
    40. Play hide and go seek
    41. Sharpie art on plates and mugs
    42. Make a mini house inside a cardboard box
    43. Play shop
    44. Try crazy hairstyles
    45. Make cartoon strips
    46. Interview family members and make a magazine


  1. I hope that these rainy day activities will keep your kids entertained for awhile! To make it even easier for you I have linked the activities that require equipment to products on Amazon so that you can get them shipped straight to your door without even having to leave the house! Have fun!


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