Where It All Began

I was a grubby, nomadic wild child. He was a chilled out trekking guide. We were both just cruising round doing our own things, both with an aversion to commitment and no intentions at all to fall in love. And then one awesome night it all changed.

Okay so it was 2014, I was 21 years old loving life in Kathmandu. I had just finished 4 months out at sea on a prawn trawler and was so stoked to be back in Nepal, living it up in my first ever apartment all to myself, just cruising round having fun listening to bands and drinking lots of beer with cool people.

So, I had been listening to my friend’s band at a bar and then I was looking for a taxi but there weren’t any so I was like walking around an area called Thamel in Kathmandu looking for one and then I passed this bar called Lhasa and the music sounded good so I was like “Oh alright I’ll go have a beer there seeing as I can’t get a taxi”. I was actually meant to go meet this other guy lol that’s why I was getting a cab.

Anyway I went into Lhasa bar and sat down on the floor and ordered a beer and listened to the band play and smoked half a pack of cigarettes and then this wee group of really happy guys asked if I wanted to join them and I was like aw yeah why not. So I said as like a back up plan incase they were creeps that I had to go meet someone soon so I was just going to finish my beer and leave and they were like oh yup sweet and we all hung out and had a good laugh and then….

I looked over at the door as the most beautiful thing in the world strutted into the room and it was like in the movies you know when everything just like goes blank around you and you can only see this one person. He was wearing these cool lace up biker boots and skinny jeans and a scarf and a black jacket and he just looked so cool …And then HE CAME AND SAT DOWN!!!! Turns out I had been sitting and chatting with his friends!

So then he sat down and ignored me lol

I was like hey! hey! talk to me!! But he was just like so into the music and stuff but he was nice enough to casually introduce himself as Sudan to me. But it was loud and for like the first 3 days of knowing him I didn’t know his name because he speaks really mumbly and deep voiced so I had to wait until he wanted to be my friend on Facebook to actually know what his name was.

Anyway turns out it was Sudan’s 30th birthday so that’s why he was out with his friends. I was like kay gotta have another beer now and we all went up to the rooftop terrace and smoked joints and I told Sudan that I wanted to live in Nepal forever and he blew me a kiss and I DIIIIEEEEDDDD on the inside! I’m sure I went so red. And then I didn’t know what to say so I tried to be cool and said that people called me Hobbit sometimes because I’m short and live in NZ and he thought that was funny.

So Sudan was starting to loosen up to me but he was still kind of like “too cool” you know what I mean. but I defs upped my flirting game and put in the hard yards. Luckily for me his friends thought I was good enough banter to invite me onto the next stop and cut to a few hours later (all went a bit blurry) and I’m literally having the best night of my life EVER the guys were so funny and nice and we needed up at Purple Haze. It’s this rock band music bar and I walk up the stairs into the bar and there’s hundreds of people all doing like moshing or whatever they do at rock concerts and I go tits up on my ass. Shame.

Anyway it was packed but Sudan found a spot to stand upstairs that overlooked everything and you could see the band and everything and he invited me to stand beside him. Oh actually a bit earlier he had actually came and stood beside me when a guy tried to hit on me so yeah by this time he’d obvs warmed up to me.. anyway so yeah we were there having a bit of head bang and a bit of dance and HE KISSED ME!!!!!!!

The rest was history if you know what I mean 😉

So next day he drove me home to my flat on his motorbike and I was like omg I don’t want him to just like vanish so I had it all planned out in my head how I was going to ask him to come up for a cup of tea and then I was going to be like “oh shit it’s dinner time you wanna join me for a bite?” real casually and I had it all planned to just like never let him go home.. ever lol anyway he came up for the cup of tea and put down his helmet and before I even had to ask him to eat dinner with me he was like “I’m gonna crash here tonight kay?” and then we spent 3 of the best days of my life joint at the hip driving around Kathmandu on his motorbike eating lots and lots of food and listening to bands and laughing.. god we laughed so much and then after 3 days I was like to my mum “so I have a boyfriend and I love him and I’m probably going to marry him”. And I did!

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